Thursday, December 15, 2016

The holiday are coming and it's Glühwein time again!

Every year as the Holiday Season proceeds, we have our own little celebration in the lab. It features homemade Glühwein or mulled wine. This is what is served to great popularity at all the Christmas markets in Germany. If you are at one of these markets and suddenly encounter a big group of are near a Glühwein stand.
All set to go with the Glühwein!!
This year we started with a Merlot!
In addition to the wine we usually feature some holiday baked goods that go with it.  I had returned the previous week from a trip to Germany where many of the markets were visited including those in Munich - actually several in Munich - Kornwestheim, Ludwigsburg, Düsseldorf and several in Berlin. It was quite a trip across the country!

Traditional treats from Germany!

Mandel or almond Stollen carried on the plane from Germany

The goodies that came back included a Mandelstollen or Almond Stollen. (Stollen is the traditional German Christmas Bread made most famous in Dresden.) Also for the first time we had a Baumkuchen or tree cake.  This is a cylindrical cake baked on a spit with successive layers of batter being added. Each layer is allowed to cook before another is added.  After finished when it is cut, it looks like the growth rings of a tree trunk hence the name. This one we got was made by hand at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin and is dark chocolate frosted.

Dark chocolate covered Baumkuchen or tree cake!
We also had some Zimtsterne or Cinnamon Stars - a classic German Christmas cookie and finally some meringue cookies made by one of our co-workers.  

Zimtsterne - another classic!

And some Meringue cookies!
Ready to give it a try!
And the Glühwein starts to flow!
Ready for a glow!
The Glühwein, which is mulled with cinnamon, cloves and orange among a few other things, was served as usual - warm with a ring of sugar around the rim of the cup and a wedge or orange.  As is always the case - the whole event was very well received.
Happy Holidays
How to get into the holiday spirit!
Blast from the past decided to stop by!
Even she gave it a try!
One side of the room 
...and then the other!
The ladies seem to be enjoying themselves!

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