Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keeping the Vienna theme with a pecan tart

Yesterday's lemon tart was Viennese.  So I guess today's pecan tart from the Vienna bakery in Barrington would also be Viennese?
A Viennese, er, Vienna Bakery pecan tart.
Not too deep with some schlag florets on the top.
Looks just like a pecan pie!

As opposed to a pecan pie this is very much a tart. The bottom crust is thicker than in a pie and the amount of filling in considerably less.  This is not a bad thing when it comes to a pecan pie sourced thing.  The filling- largely corn syrup and sugar - can get pretty sweet when there is about and inch of it as in a pie. Here it is half an inch or less cutting back on the sugar high.

Just about the right amount of filling!
The layer of pecan's baked into the top is classic and there are several florets of whipped cream adorning the surface. It was very good, as to be expected from this bakery, with a solid crust about the right amount of filling and abundant pecans.  It is not as good as another pecan pie we have cooked with eggs and cognac but that's okay.  If you got some of the whipped cream it was an added bonus!
Abundant pecans best with some whipped cream.
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