Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The word of the day was puckery

A Viennese Lemon Tart courtesy of Trader Joe's was today's cake hour selection.  Most of what comes through Trader Joe's is very respectable and this was no exception.  It was very similar to a lemon flan tart.  Round in shape with a typical flour crust tart bottom.  On top of this was a lemon curd that was then dusted with powdered sugar. Since some of the sugar dissolved into the curd it made for an interesting look on the surface. A bit like looking at the surface of the moon.
A touch of Vienna via Trader Joe's.
Typical fruit tart like shape.

The surface of the moon-like top thanks to absorbed sugar..
This tart was very good especially in that it was not too sweet which is always a good thing to us.  The description on the package gave us the English word of the day to teach our ESL colleagues.
Lemon curd for a puckery taste and sugar top to offset it.
It says "a rich dessert with a puckery lemon flavor." The meaning of puckery, which the spell check does not recognize, was explained as well as the relation to the verb to pucker. In addition to understanding now that puckery refers to what happens to your lips when you taste something sour, everyone now also knows what to do when they are told to "pucker up".
Grab a piece and pucker up!

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