Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flano Cubano

Or so we called it. Unexpectedly the renegade third contestant in the Ultimate Flanning Championship decided to walk the walk and cough up a flan. This is ostensibly the authentic Cuban flan recipe that was to overwhelm the competition had it been made for the contest.  Better late than never, I suppose.  As you can see the flan was served medium or well done on the top. These did not have to be inverted as there was no caramelized sugar syrup on the bottom. It was supplemented with fresh berries on top although pomegranate had been expected. (They are out of season.)  The flan was good, not to sweet and made from all fresh ingredients. The texture was a little less smooth than expected but that did not stop anyone from enjoying it. It did invite comparisons to the competition.

One interesting fact about the preparation is that duck eggs were used. Apparently they are good to bake with but not recommended as an alternative to regular chicken eggs. This got us off into a conversation related to all the strange ways that eggs are prepared and eaten including raw.  Surprisingly,  some attendees were not familiar with the concept of a soft-boiled egg. Those put out at the thought of eating eggs raw did not seem in a rush to try a 5 minute egg but to others it's a great way to start the day. Just ask all those Europeans!  This all seemed mild, however, to some of the descriptions of how eggs are pickled and buried before eating in other cultures. Anyone for a 100 year egg?

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