Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Supreme

Now this was a good thing!  Despite the shortcake in the name this is really a cake using the ingredients of strawberry shortcake assembled together in a very attractive way.  The key thing about this is that the "frosting" is real whipped cream. Why anyone decided there had to be fake whipped cream is beyond us. One of the products even calls itself "Better Cream" but you can't make better something that is just perfect the way it is.  We LO-O-O-VE whipped cream and try to have some on hand.

This cake was a product of Whole Foods and they do a great job.  It was certainly attractive with plenty of strawberries. The middle layer of the cake with the cut strawberries facing out was particularly attractive.  The cake is a yellow cake not so much a shortcake but that's even better. We've had several incarnations of this cake and are rarely disappointed...unless of course they skimp on the whipped cream!

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