Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Presentation is everything!

Cheescake seems to be popular and it's interesting to see the various permutations thereof. Today we had one the looked really good.  A nice standard New York Style cheesecake that was topped with strawberries and a pile of blueberries and then finished off with a ribbon. It looked LOVELY!  It tasted pretty darn good to and of course having a health fresh fruit topping made it that much better. Even if you are not a big cheesecake fan you got to admit this looks good!

Our Panamanian adventurer made it into the jungle for a step back into la vie primitife!  How do we know? She called on her cell phone to say she was in the jungle.  La vie may be primitife but you can get a cell phone signal. And wireless internet! The only issue with having the phone or a laptop turned out to be the lack of electricity to charge them. It looks like certain societal advancements are more emphasized than others.

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