Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our favorite Tira Misu!

We're definitely spoiled. We have the good fortune to have a colleague who makes a mean Tira Misu.  And she's authentic Italian. This is none of the unnecessarily modified versions that one finds in many restaurants which should not be serving Tira Misu anyway.  Nope, this is prepared like you are at home cooking for company and this company always appreciates it when one of them turns up. The glass dish allows a view of the layers of Mascarpone chees and lady fingers. This is never too sweet and not at all heavy. The powdered cacao on the top can be a problem if you happen to breathe it in but you get used to it.  For those of us who are fans, this tira misu sets a very high bar.

We learned the story of the peeps appearance in New Orleans. It was a dark and stormy night and Vicki was ready to retire when in the midst of the thunder and lightning they suddenly appeared at the head of her bed! It added an element of mystery to the visit to the Big Easy.  The reports about the conference were good but those we spoke to were not particularly thrilled with what they saw from the city. Apparently to those gentle souls who attended, the frivolous atmosphere on Bourbon Street did not leave a good impression. That being said had they been there with a group of partying friends they admit they might have thought better.  Next time should be party time.

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