Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Cookies we expected but then came some apple, cinammon, mascarpone, cocoanut, puff things!

This falls into the category of you can't get too much of a good thing..I suppose.  Our almost delinquent research fellow who had to scramble for those Pirouline's at the last minute came through with the promised cookies from his fiancee.  You really can't beat that Toll House Cookie recipe that is on the back of the Nestle's package.  You know how there are certain things you should not try to improve on? Well this is one of them.  These cookies were the classic recipe with the only modification being the addition of peanut butter chips to some of them. (I remind everyone again that cake hour is emphatically not a "Nut-free Zone".) So it was a twofer. Two types of cookies at the same time albeit from the same recipe. Thanks to the fiancee and the hard work on our behalf.
Toll House to the Max

An American Classic

Plate full of goodness

The expected cookies aside one of our finalist's from student cake month took it upon herself to bring in some additional treats.  They were very cute and as to what they were well they were apple, cinammon, mascarpone, coconut, puff things according to the baker.  The apple-cinnamon-mascarpone-coconut filling was added to puff pastry shells that were flared a little to give these treats a fun look. Fortunately they tasted good and were light enough to be able to go with the cookies which as everyone can see also came on top of the tiramisu and strawberry shortcake from earlier in the afternoon.  It was an embarrassment of riches to say the least.
The full smorgasbord!
Those...puff things

If I didn't know better I'd think it's a quiche

Well presented

Our fiance working in the lab had a great response to a query about his honeymoon which scheduling may dictate being short or nonexistent. The exchange was so:
Friend: For my honeymoon I'm thinking about Nantucket. How about you?
Fiance: Me, I'll be lucky if I can make it to Pawtucket!

How's that for a sense of humor!  We hear the Slater Mill is lovely and can hold a candle to the Old Mill any day!
We love them both!

Disappearing fast!

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