Friday, August 13, 2010

Serious shortcake on Friday the 13th

Sometimes you need to just stick with the basics.  Gregg's bakery does that with their strawberry shortcake. Whipped cream, strawberries and yellow cake are all that you need and that's all that they use. We're talking serious cake though. There is no lack of whipped cream on this thing since they opt to fill it only with the whipped cream you get some strawberries in syrup to go along with it. This adds the final touch and even though  the whipped cream might have a saturated fat or two, the added strawberries add the sweetness and flavor to complement the whole thing. Good stuff! However, these things are really intended to feed an army. We somehow manage to get through it nonetheless.
Try one of their cakes pronto!

Back to basics!

Whipped cream on top...

Whipped cream in the middle..

Serious whipped cream in the middle.  We're all on statins now!

Today is Friday the 13th. Nobody cared!

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