Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unexpected advance

We showed up for cake time opened the box from Gregg's (yeah) and read the unexpected inscription on the cake. "Happy Birthday! Teresa!" Who knew!  But we love birthdays so we sang that old refrain many times. That is every time someone joined the group we would sing it again. Teresa must have been sick of it after the fifth time but it was all well intended. But then we learn it isn't her birthday yet. Well! It turns out it's coming on Saturday but since she did not expect to be here again before then she wanted to share a cake. ......Good for her! Thanks for thinking of us and we'll celebrate your birthday any time especially if you're providing the cake!
It was pretty yellow

A well constructed cake

Our birthday girl!

Can't go wrong with four layers

Somehow it always looks interesting when you lay out the slices

Gregg's does it again. This was a lemon cake as if you couldn't tell by the electric yellow frosting. As is usually the case the cake was very fresh, moist and somewhat light for the type that it was. The lemon filling was not overwhelming in quantity and was just sweet enough. The yellow frosting was also surprisingly good and not like so many of those commercial frostings that are almost inedible. We really like what Gregg's does but with the student's gone and some other people off for the end of the summer we might have to downsize some of these cakes...really!

We marveled at our new microwave which was actually a used one.  As it turns out some of the enamel is wearing off exposing the metal under the glass plate.  Let's hope that glass plate shields it well otherwise we'll all try to get front row seats for the lightning show that may occur. 

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