Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Colored Turkish Delights and that Opera Torte is still around

Today we encountered yet another kind of Turkish Delights.  Apparently this was a gift handed off to one of our physicians who promptly donated it to the cake hour cause.  Everyone should know by now what Turkish delights are.  We have seen a lot of them.  They are basically gelatin squares with some kind of flavoring and might include pistachio nuts or coconut.They are then buried in powdered sugar.
Tirkish Delights, again?
But they are authentic!
Interesting combo of flavors!
Today's selection was notable for the fact that there were no nuts at all. The flavors were also a little interesting...rose, lemon and menthe i.e. mint.  Pretty interesting especially the rose flavored ones.  You did indeed get a taste sensation reminiscent of the flower - not that anyone goes around eating roses.  The mint one seemed to be spearmint and it reminded us of those green spearmint jelly leaves that you get at candy stores.  The lemon was similar albeit the lemon flavor was not overwhelming. We certainly enjoyed them as we are fans of Turkish Delights and it is always fun to try some new ones.  I think we prefer the ones with lots of pistachios, however,

A classic presentation..in neat rows with powdered sugar on top!
The additional fun with these was that they combined to be the classic Christmas colors - red, green and gold. This added a bit of festivity given the season that we are in.  We are also happy that the ingredients are all natural or at least that what we take the "Nature Identical Rose Lemon and Menthe Flavors" on the back to mean.
Holiday colors to bootr!
Nature identical flavors...mmm.mmm!

Found in the refrigerator also was the final piece of the Opera torte from our holiday party. Good as this cake is mercifully this will be the end of it!

Mercifully the final piece of the Opera Torte

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