Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Fats Cats and Animal Husbandry

Today we had a pecan pie. We love pecan pie and without being too immodest the recipe we normally use we consider to be the best. A lot of the pies are much too syrupy and therefore incredibly really, really sweet.  Ours is not the case because it contains eggs which make the pie more custardy as it were and then there is that special ingredient...cognac.  That really gives the cake a punch although the alcohol gets mostly baked out.
Ah...pecan pie!

Who are the two fat cats!

Respectable...but still not the best!

The one we had for cake time today had an enticing name -"Two Fat Cats Bourbon Pecan Pie".  We don't know who the two fat cats are but the bourbon piqued our interest for sure. So we dug right in.  As pecan pies go this one was pretty good. It was not at all disgustingly sweet and the bourbon flavor went well with it. Lots of pecans on the top is always a good thing and this did not disappoint.  All in all it was respectable and better than most though our own recipe still reigns as the our opinion of course.  We just happened to have some whipped cream on hand which always goes well with Pecan pie as does vanilla ice cream  Kudos to the two fat cats whoever they may be.

Lots of nuts which is what we prefer!
Not too syrupy or sweet..the fat cats done good!
Unexpectedly we got a bit of an animal husbandry lesson today from a colleague who had studied to be a vet!  Who knew that Oxen is how you describe all bovine animals. We thought they were something different than a cow but no a cow is a member of the larger oxen clarification.  Cow is also how you refer to mature female bovines whereas the younger ones are called heifers.  I guess the slang derogatory use of the word amongst humans will have to be re-evaluated since most people insulted as being heifers are usually not young.  Did you know a steer is a castrated bull..bull being the fully functioning male for the aforementioned cows? A bull is also part of the oxen group as would presumably be a steer. We're starting to get it now!  We can't wait for edification on another subgroup of mammals during animal husbandry 102.  Now for the test ...which of the following are oxen?
I'm an ox...

No, I'm and ox and so is my wife...

Who are you calling a heifer?

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