Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It may be Tiramisu but it won't beat the champ

Over the year's we have been spoiled here in the Tiramisu department. One of our colleagues from Italy paradoxically loves to make it though she doesn't really eat it. All the more for us as they say.  She does a very good job and there are several previous posts attesting to her product and even those of people to whom she gave the recipe - "Mongolian Tiramisu".  We even had a Tiramisu off where an upstart student thought he could best the master. Instead he went down.

No doubt what this is supposed to be
So it's always a little gutsy when someone brings in a Tiramisu. Many of the local bakeries do a good job but we remain true to our colleague's superior recipe.  Nonetheless we had one today from The Eastside Marketplace we believe.  This was round in almost like a cake format. There was plenty of Mascarpone cheese and an ample amount of the powdered cocoa on top. The cake part did really seem to be lady fingers but was fine. It was not soaked in the requisite amaretto that really adds a little punch but that is to be expected from a commercial product.

The white chocolate label was fun

Probably cake instead of lady fingers

We're used to more cocoa powder but this is resectable!

All in all this was good but our champ's position remains unchallenged!

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