Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mom's Cheesecake was pretty good

We've certainly had our share of cheesecakes.  Everything from the ridiculous to the somewhat sublime.  Some of our colleagues have been particular fans of them and brought them in repeatedly. There is a general consensus, however, that they tend to be on the heavier side and not everyone is a big fan. But we eat them nonetheless and do not discourage anyone from bringing one in.

Mom's Cheesecake - or half of it that is! 
Pineapple topping!

For Christmas Eve celebration this year one of our mother's brought her signature cheesecake.  After having pigged out on appetizers and piles of pasts there were not too many takers for dessert let alone cheesecake.  Since the family hosts were going to he laden with plenty of other sweets they were offering up items to anyone who wanted to take something home. So it was decided to take some of the cheesecake. Some ended up being half the cake. Imagining that it was not going to disappear to quickly at home I figured what better place to bring it to than cake hour.

Looks heavier than it really is!
As it turns out Mom's makes a good cheesecake!  Firstly, it does make a difference that one is baked for you at home.  Most of the commercial one hardly seem like they are baked but rather poured into a form on top of some kind of cracker or cookie crust. There was also none of the sharpness to the taste that you can sometimes get and it was a lighter, less sweet and considerably less dense than most that we have had. This might be due to eggs being in the batter. 
Plenty of unsweetened fruit to top it off!
It's going fast!
Mom usually tops her cheesecakes with some kind of fruit - albeit canned - and in this case it was unsweetened pineapple.  It was a good choice and contributed to the sense that this was not over sweetened.  The bottom line is this was very well received and most felt it was one of the better cheesecakes we have had.  Even some cheesecake naysayers were happily surprised.  From my own standpoint, after all these years of thinking I didn't want to have anything so rich and heavy, I'll no be less reluctant to chow down when one of these turns up at another family function! Thanks, Mother!

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