Thursday, September 27, 2012

A white nectarine gallette. Oh, if you're going bald it means you're smart!

One of our dedicated bakers came through again today with what appeared to be a free from pie made with nectarines.  In this case there was no pie pan and no top crust The nectarines were placed insided the dough which was curled up around the edges and then the whole thing was baked. There actually is a name for this - a nectarine gallette. We are not sure if the chef was aware that this is what it is called but we know our stuff.

Nectarine Gallette
This was very good.  It was not too sweet which is the way we like things. The nectarines were cooked but not to mush and the crust was very well done and from scratch to boot.  It did not come out of a box.  The whole thing is pretty simple and easy as pie - or technically easier than pie.

Nicely browned!
Plenty of fruit!
Well cooked but not turned to mush!
Lots of filling and a delicious crust!
A recent photoshopped image of one of our associated that gave him more hair on his head was a favorite with a lot of people including his wife.  We learned. however, that the Chinese consider hair loss as a sign of intelligence. It was explained that the brain actually gets hot from all the thinking and smartness so that the hair can no longer grow.  We take this to be one of those old tales from the past to explain something like male pattern baldness since there are not too many people walking around with hot brains. There are a lot of hotheads however.

I'm hot and I'm smart - just ask my follicles!
We also learned there is a well known Chinese hair loss treatment called Dr. Zhao's Fabao 101. ON the website it says - developed by the renowned dermatologist, Dr. Zhangguang Zhao, Fabao 101™  formulas for hair loss had received seven international awards. As reported in New York Times and Newsweek and other mainstream media, Fabao 101™ formulas are natural, safe and effective treatments proven to promote normal hair growth and rapidly improve existing hair. Given the price $150 for 100ml - we don't think we will get many takers especially when you can just Photoshop yourself a nice head of hair for posterity.
For only $150 you can maybe get some hair back!

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