Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why do you need a disclaimer for something called "Fruit and Nut"

Thank goodness for airport duty free shops.  Regardless of whether you really with to buy any of the routine stuff they offer - like perfumes - that are more expensive in duty free than anywhere on the street, they are at least a good place to grab a quick souvenir or treat if you are inclined it bring something back from abroad. If you've been to Heathrow airport in London, or probably other major UK airports, you've probably seen the truly ubiquitous color of Cadbury Chocolate.  It is sold everywhere and indeed some of the largest chocolate bars that I have ever seen are Cadbury Milk Chocolate bars at Heathrow - up to 2kg.  Incidentally, the other thing that is really obvious at Heathrow duty free are the enormous warning signs that read "Cigarettes will kill you" and things like that. Purple wrapped chocolate and warnings of death by cigarettes may be the most lasting impressions travelers get from Heathrow.
Still in the duty free bag or whatever!
It's Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut!
A British College with the British treat made in France!

One of our colleagues was returning from across the pond and picked up some Cadbury treats.  I would be remiss at this point if I did not point out, that as every Brit will tell you, the Cadbury made for the UK is very different in taste than what is made for the United States.  There is definitely a difference in taste and texture. Cadbury products for the US are made by Hershey which may explain why they are more Hershey like in consistency. The stuff we had today was actually made in France and clearly intended for widespread distribution given the number of languages on the back most of which were not legible. 
At least it wasn't made by Hershey!
Clearly intended for worldwide distribution.
By appointment to H.M. the Queen...still British wherever it is made!
What we got was a bag of little treats labeled fruit and nut. These were small individually wrapped milk chocolates containing chopped up pieces of raisins and nuts.  They tasted typically of Cadbury Dairy Milk and neither the fruit nor the nuts were particularly overpowering.  They were a nice compliment to coffee. We did find it interesting that every wrapped piece had the disclaimer "Contains Nuts" on it. You would think that a piece named "Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut" would obviously contain nuts but apparently an extra warning is needed for those who might have nut allergies.  Better safe than sorry. Fortunately it was not as big or as explicit as the cigarette warnings. I don't suppose there would be a lot of enthusiasm for a food product with a big label that said "Nuts can Kill You!"
This is what a chunk looked like!
Though it's called Fruit and Nut they still have to tell you this..

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