Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maybe she went to Portland after all...

Another of our research colleagues is graduating her pediatric gastroenterology fellowship program and moving on to a position in Maine.  Apparently her arrival at the new facility has been delayed and lo and behold she has been nominated for young investigator award as part of an upcoming research celebration for work tied to obesity and lower school performance in children.  Fatter kids may turn out dumber in other words. Nonetheless it was supposedly confirmed that she would be around today at cake hour so our provider went out and bought a special cake at the Vienna bakery - one of our favorites - in honor of the graduating fellow.

Always a favorite!
We were happy to combine our time for sweets with honoring our associate and friend.  There was only the slightest little problem in that she did now show up.  So there we were sitting with a cake with a congratulatory message and an absent honoree.  Oh well - that didn't stop us and we dug in.
Good looking chocolate mouse cake!

Well decorated with a special inscription!

Crushed chocolate on the sides adds to the joy!

Special message for our colleague..wherever she was!
The cake was a chocolate mousse cake.  This is always a good choice and a bizarre nutritional argument could be made that because the mousse is made largely of egg whites this is a source of protein in addition to a crap load of carbs.  That is stretching it, however.  Vienna Bakery does this cake well, however.  It uses a light chocolate whipped cream frosting, garnishes it with chocolate and white chocolate shavings and then has two cake layers surrounding the mousse.  It is sweet but not heavy and goes great with a cup of java.  We easily enjoyed it even in the absence of our graduate.

Not too much cake bu lots of mousse!

Just imagine all that protein!
That is interesting is that the person being feted is one and the same as the person who brought in the lovely fruit and ice cream for last Friday's cake hour as sort of a final contribution.  On that day she had to leave due to a problem with an infant child so we missed her then too.  This makes now two times that she was featured and not present.  Maybe she finally made it to Portland. Think of all the lucky children!  If not---where the hell was she!
The cake is great and congratulations!
As you can see we didn't wait but best wishes to you!
Having a great time and a great cake...wish you were here!

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