Friday, September 21, 2012

Thanks for the treats - sorry you weren't there!

Instead of a cake today we had a lovely fruit medley of berries and grapes and with it some nice vanilla ice cream.  It was a nice treat and we are fine whenever someone opts not to bring a cake but some other wholesome sweet instead.  This also allows those with a gluten allergy to join in. Not that we are insensitive it's just the way that it is that cakes are made with flour which contains that pesky gluten!
It doesn't have to be a cake!

Good old Friendly's!
Great fruit mélange in a bowl from Ikea!!
The berries were nicely presented in a wooden bowl courtesy of Ikea. They were good and sweet as were the grapes and the ice cream was a hit complement.  As our colleague who brought the goodies is going to be leaving soon we were looking forward to enjoying her largesse and her company prior to her departure. Unfortunately family life intervened and because of concern over an accident involving an infant child our friend had to rush off for reassurance so we got to enjoy the goodies with the colleague in absentia. But family comes first and cake hour somewhere else down the list of priorities - for some. Fortunately the kid was fine so we could enjoy everything without any subsequent guilt feelings.
Fresh and delicious!

A tasty gluten free treat!
The merits of regular routine checkups was part of the discussion today.  Some people were questioning the value of going to the doctor and being weighed or tested too frequently.  The scenario was described thus - you go to the doctor, you are weighed and find out you weigh more than expected and respond "why did you do that, now I'm depressed."   The same could be said for blood pressure monitoring. So is it better to know or would everyone feel better no knowing. The answer to that could have grave consequences for the health care system.

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