Monday, July 13, 2015

We sail into student cake month with a Pirate Ship!

July is student cake month!! But you knew that, didn't you.  We have a good crew of summer student interns this year so we have some great expectations.  Not really.  First up today, however, our guy hit a home run.  Inspired by Instagram or something else out there on the web he opted for a pirate ship cake.  This was banana cake with chocolate frosting that he assembled to look like a pirate ship using various candies or snacks to complete the ship and the overall picture.

ARRGH!!  It's a pirate ship, Matey!

Sailing on an ocean of blue....frosting!
That's Jolly Roger on the sail!
Barrels made of root beer on the deck!

Railing made of pretzel and the name of our ship...SSBCA!
So we have the ship, made of cake frosted in chocolate to make it look like wood.  Along the side we had some life saving rings made of Life Savers. On the deck you find some barrels made of root beer candy. The railings and the mast are pretzel logs which also look like wood.  There is a figurehead made from a gummy candy. On the back white frosting outlines indicate window openings and underneath the ship is christened SSBCA in deference to the assay used to determine protein concentrations.
Well equipped with barrels and life savers!
Those pretzels look like real logs!!
The ship sails on an ocean of blue frosting featuring fish shaped, confetti candies and the ocean is swarming with candy sharks. Some of them are devouring unfortunate sour patch kids or something to that effect.  Maybe it wasn't original but it was cleverly done and will be a hard act to follow.  The yellow banana cake tasted great and went well with the chocolate frosting. All in all a job well done.
Watch out for the sharks!
It's a little late for the sour patch kids!
Fish confetti candy came with the blue frosting!
A few of our newer colleagues got to attend orientation where they learned all sorts of things including the fact that the institution is now toaster oven free!!  In addition to a smoke free and drug free workplace we now have a toaster oven free workplace!!  To justify this they were shown one of our buildings aflame ostensibly due to a toaster oven.  There have been a few fires in the same building which made us wonder whether we should rethink putting some of our people in said place when they first arrive.  At least we will make sure they leave their toaster ovens home.
This is why we are toaster oven free!!

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