Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another old favorite....

We haven't had a Boston Creme Pie in awhile so were happy to see one appear. This one came from Whole Foods who actually does a good job with this particular creation which as you all know started at the Parker House Hotel in Boston. The hotel is still there and still serves the pie. They also started Parker House rolls which makes sense. 

We all know that a Boston Creme Pie isn't really a pie. It is a yellow cake, three layers tall with pastry creme in between the layers and chocolate icing on top. This one also had some decorative markings with sugar to finish off the look. It's a great treat especially when it is fresh and homemade like this one.  Don't go for some of those mass produced store bought ones though Boston Creme doughnuts aren't half bad.

There was continued discussion about the World Cup with some strong preferences for a South American team to win.  This was causing some distinct concern among the African fans. Nothing has come to blows yet!
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