Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cake Hour Goes Green

Going Green but not necessarily in the environmental sense.  Take a look at the color of the cake. It's pretty green. What was served is a Key Lime cake from Lasalle Bakery which is rapidly becoming a favorite.  It certainly is a nice looking cake though the large dollops of frosting on the top seemed a little intimidating. However, it turned out that the frosting was considerably lighter than it looked and was thus not so overwhelming to the arteries.  The cake tasted of lime and had a citrus filling in the middle. As we have notice is always the case with Lasalle products, the cake portion was very moist and fresh. Expecting something much heavier we were pleasantly surprised.

The green color perhaps did awaken our environmentalist sensibilities.  Some likened the frosting heaps on top of the cake to be reminiscent of whales.   And in the latest version of frosting art we have a bird coated and submerged in an oil slick.  Since key limes pie are products of one of the gulf states I suppose this is is an odd way an appropriate tribute to the mess down there.
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