Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hong Kong style Japanese Chiffon Cake

We've seen this before too!  Our Cakemaster from Hong Kong was duly impressed with Mrs. Masa's chiffon cake. As a budding pastry chef he decided to give it a go. I believe there were a few attempts but today he decided the result was presentable and worth sharing.  We applaud the effort but closer inspection shows that the outcome was not as perfect as that of Mrs. Masa. With a little more practice, though, the kinks will get worked out.  It tasted the same as the prototype and as previously described it is a good, light, moist cake ideal when you want a sweet treat that is anything but heavy.  We're thinking though that the next time it should be served with fruit and/or whipped cream.  Stay tuned!

The recipe for this cake will be posted forthwith!

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