Friday, June 25, 2010

Classic Vanilla Cake

Talk about opposites!  Yesterday's classic chocolate cake was followed up with today's classic vanilla!  This was from one of the best bakeries and cafes in the Renaissance City with its Venetian Style canals. (The National Trust for Historic Preservation described Providence that way. Apparently they've never been to Venice though we are not dissing PVD.) Pastiche bakery produces some REALLY fine treats. This was a yellow cake with a light vanilla mousse between the layers and a great vanilla butter cream frosting. It was pretty light though that butter cream gets pretty rich.  The bee decorations on the top were a nice touch and clever. They were made of frosting with almonds for wings. We thought that would mean there was honey in the cake but if so we weren't told and couldn't tell.  It was really good and kudos once again to Pastiche!

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