Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sain yavaarai to Oonoo

Cake hour came a little early today. Actually we had a reception with goodies to celebrate that one of our grad students had completed her work and been awarded her PhD.  We call her Oonoo per her instructions because her Mongolian name has way too many syllables.  We expected about 20 people but since it was right after a conference meeting everyone just stayed and we ended up with over 40. Most of the newbies - students arriving for the summer - probably had no idea who she was but put a cake in front of them and you can't get them out of the room.

We actually had two cakes and they were both from Lasalle Bakery in Providence. We originally intended to get one - the fruit flan - but decided to have a little back up and that turned out to be a wise decision. This bakery makes very good cakes and tortes. The fruit tart had a moist cake bottom with very fresh fruit on top.  Likewise the strawberry shortcake had a very fresh cake as a base with strawberries and the most important part of all real whipped cream.  Like the biblical wedding feast where the fish fed 5000 people we somehow managed to get everyone a slice and also stretched out two bottles of champagne so everyone could participate in our toast to the graduate.

Oonoo was a very dedicated cake hour participant and so we will miss her. Included in her departing gifts were two Brown U coffee cups so that she could continue in the tradition and reflect back on her years of eating cake with the best of them. We look forward to a return visit!

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