Monday, June 21, 2010

Blueberry Cranberry Boy Bait

Now doesn't that sound interesting. The cackler who baked this got the recipe and the name from a roommate. From the name one might think that said roommate would bake this as a means of attracting young men to her boudoir or whatever.  Whether that was the purpose or not remained unclear but we just ate it up - literally.  This was a baking pan coffee cake and was supposed to be made with just blueberries. A variation was made and that's where the cranberries came from. The creator was being creative. But that didn't matter as it was good and got a lot of positive comments. It was moist, sweet and had a good texture though it might could have done with a little powdered sugar on top. Nonetheless it got such a good response from some of the new cacklers that a few tried to preempt the 15 minute rule and have a second piece without waiting. That speaks well for the cake but not for those willing to break the rules for more.  They got their second piece,  however.

The luna moth was spotted this weekend and that was a topic of discussion. A green moth with a four inch wingspan certainly would attract attention. Even more so when it seems to want to get into your house. We got a nice up close look when it attached itself to a screen so we could see the whole body. It's one big moth. Of course like all moths it lives as an adult for about a week for breeding purposes and it doesn't eat. Poor thing - I guess there is no moth equivalent of cake hour.

Have you ever been bothered by random folks hanging around when you flow - especially if they are inappropriately inquisitive about your flow? To some, we learned, this is a very disconcerting experience and we would not have expected it.

Just for clarification the verb to flow here refers to doing flow cytometry in a laboratory. It's not what you might otherwise have thought!

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