Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wafers and Biscuits

Again no volunteer!  So another save-the-cake-hour trip to Gourmet Heaven found that they feature a new product line.  Wafer cookies "Waffeln" from Manner Wien or Manner of Vienna!  As you can see we tried several versions including Viennese Coffee (Wiener Kaffee), Nougat, Cacaocreme, and Schoko Caramel. The latter were a different shape and considerably more substantial than the others. The other three types were indeed very light and crisp if not a wee bit on the sweet side. These wafer type cookies are actually pretty interesting. How do they get these things to be so light and not fall apart when they are filled? Practice, I suppose.

We noticed that two of the package had a quality guarantee and purity disclaimer - no artificial colors, no preservatives - and two didn't. Does that mean the others are not as pure?  You couldn't really tell the difference so we suspect this was pure marketing.

Our selection was augmented by a donation of lemon flavored biscotti that didn't really fit into the theme but it helped with the title i.e. biscotti translated to biscuits.

The subject of Helen Thomas came up something along the lines of what was she thinking. This prompted remembrances and recollections of individuals' trips to Israel. We learned that one of our attendees escaped being a suicide bomb victim by about 25 minutes.  He was at a certain location in Tel Aviv and was walking with a friend. They heard a noise and followed the sounds of the disturbance back to where a bombing had taken place. This turned out to be right where they were sitting 25 minutes earlier. It was a very close call! No one else had such a remarkable incident take place although another visitor did pick up a lot of hitchhiking soldiers with guns. This led to a feeling of protection so he decided to go wherever including the West Bank and other restricted areas.

Anyway Ms. Thomas's ludicrous comments inspired our latest Cackle Poll so check it out!

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