Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leftovers again!

One of the good things about picking up packages of treats at Gourmet Heaven is that you can usually stretch them out over a couple of days if necessary. And today that was necessary. Another day with no volunteer but it didn't matter because there were plenty of wafers left from the day before.  It was mostly the little thin ones, however, as the larger ones seemed to be preferred the day before. As you can tell from the picture, once you put the square ones out you can't really tell them apart so we just let people guess what flavor they were. We also liked the fact that the package seal had a picture of the Stephansdom - the Cathedral of Vienna. It's not what you usually see on a package of cookies but you get the idea that these are made in Vienna. The Stephansdom has some great catacombs stuffed with the neatly stacked bones of victims of the medieval plague. They are definitely worth a visit. 

The conversation lately has been trending to the World Cup and soccer fans are starting to get the itch.  Our compatriot from South Africa was actually invited to watch the opening game at the South African Embassy in Washington, DC. Well la-dee-da! She'll be hobnobbing with the elite whilst the rest of the crew watch on a computer screen.

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