Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frutti di Bosco, Blueberry Pie and Schlag

How about a nice piece of pie?  (Extra credit to anyone who knows what movie that line comes from?)  Since there was no one signed up and some of us were underway we trooped over to the Eastside Marketplace to fill in the gap in the schedule. We went with the pies because we knew that we had replenished our supply of schlag better known as whipped cream.  We opted for two pies - classic blueberry and fruits of the forest which sounds much better in Italian - Frutti di Bosco!  The latter usually consists of mainly berries - what else do you find in the woods - but this particular one also included apples and raisins. We won't hold it against them.  The blueberry pie was classic and both were enhanced with a great spritz of whipped cream. The German word for whipped cream is Schlagsahne shortened to Schlag. In Germany or especially Vienna, Austria, anytime someone asks you for something "mit Schlag" expect to see that creamy white dollop of "beaten cream".  

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