Friday, June 11, 2010

We couldn't resist it!

Today's treat is also from Lasalle Bakery in Providence, RI. When shopping for goodies for Oonoo's PhD party we caught a glimpse of their chocolate cream pie and couldn't pass it up. Since this would have been overkill for the graduation party we kept it nicely refrigerated so we could dig in the next day.

This is a classic recipe.  Lots of chocolate filling covered with gobs of fresh real whipped cream. It was the whipped cream piled on the top that really sold us as you can imagine. It didn't last very long especially with the summer students now aware of the advantages of attending cake hour. We welcome their participation at this time because it gives them the lay of the land so to speak so that they will be prepared for the role they will play in July which, as everyone knows, is STUDENT CAKE MONTH!  It will be up to the students to bring in the cakes during the month of July and try to wow the group. These student cakes are evaluated on a scale of one to five.  However you can only get a five if the item is homemade!  The competition is usually fierce and we will of course be reporting on the entries and the winner!

World Cup is underway and starting next week we expect to see some delayed attendance as the televising of the games will overlap with cake hour.  Hopefully there will be something left when the soccer freaks make their appearance.

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