Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coffee Cake a la Turque and exiting the womb

Another entry from Asia Minor as it was known way back when. Today we have a coffee cake from a Turkish recipe. As it was explained this is a typical cake to go with coffee or tea. Hence it is dense!  And a touch dry but this is ameliorated by the hot beverage of your choice to go with the cake. The dough was not that sweet allowing for the candied fruits to provide that taste sensation. We always appreciate something new - doubly so when homemade - and so we give this a thumbs up.

The conversation somehow turned to students applying for medical school and how some of those personal statements tend to exaggeration. From this discussion came clearly one of the best lines not to be used as an opening sentence in a med school application - "Since I exited the womb, I knew that I wanted to be a scientist!" Since I exited the womb??  A little over the top, maybe?  It is certainly self-explanatory why this statement was finally edited out and we wish the author a great career in science.

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