Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stinky Smelly Wafers

So have YOU ever heard of the king of fruits. Nether did we or at least not most of us. But a few of us had indeed heard of or ingested Durian. This fruit is found in the Far East and is known for two things. It has a very sweet flesh when you eat it and it stinks. Really, it smells bad. So much so that supposedly in Far East hotels they will post signs advising clients not to bring Durian inside or have signs saying "No Durian Allowed."

Well, we didn't have Durian but the cake master had come across some Durian wafers at a Chinese Food store and because of prior conversation about the fruit decided to buy them.  Honestly how harmful or smelly could some cookies be?  Pretty darn stinky!  I opened the bag and took a whiff and thought I was smelling someone's rancid socks. I offered a smell to the person next to me who took a nice deep breath and just about gagged.  The next thing we knew people from outside the room were coming in wanting to know what the smell in the corridor was. We told them to some disbelief.

So how did they taste?  These wafers were made with Durian cream instead of say, vanilla cream.  If the Durian has any overwhelming taste you couldn't tell it from the stuff in these wafers. Moreover the entire time you are trying to get it down your gullet you are dealing with the smell which negated any positive effect from any supposed great taste.  Some of us couldn't finish it or even swallow it and several wouldn't even go there.  I don't suppose this was a genuine Durian experience and the Cake Master offered to get some of the frozen flesh of the fruit to try.  The number of folks looking forward to that experience is undoubtedly pretty low.

The smell passed after awhile and soon we could all breathe easily again!

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