Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blackberry & Strawberry Shortcake

Today we have the pleasure of experiencing the conjoined effort of two outstanding ladies at the LRC. A meticulously decorated and beautifully presented blackberry and strawberry shortcake. Fresh berries rested gently on top of a buttery pound cake drowned in syrup and crowned with whipped cream, how can one possibly make this even better? How about some chocolate cake!

The ladies certainly have outdone themselves this time. Today's presentation was so wonderfully elaborate that some people may think we were having a cake feast. The fact that only four persons showed up at Cake hour only further exaggerate the overabundance of cakes on the table.

We learn an important lesson today that canned whipped cream is not very stable and should not be used to decorate cakes. While they are much more convenient, they tend to melt very quickly.

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