Friday, April 16, 2010

What you see is what we got!

Leftovers!  No volunteers today so we scrounged up what we can. Some Nuttter Butters that were rejected as refreshments at a local school due to the no nut policy. Honestly! But all was not lost. The real Robin Eggs were there albeit the mini ones. Who cares? These are the malted treats to get at Easter - not those might malted imitations.  With these you can suck off the color from the outer shell and end up with a blue or orange tongue. Tasty and fun too!  An unexpected featured treat were some Chiky cookies from Costa Rica of all places. The  Spanish reads "Galletas con cobertura de chocolate" - cakes/cookies with a chocolate cover.  But the English translation on the package is so much more enticing - Chocolate Enrobed Cookies - don't you think?

I believe we talked about the academic environment again but nothing really sticks out. I think everyone was focused on the weekend which was to end with the Boston Marathon. Two Africans won it...big surprise!

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