Friday, April 9, 2010

Mega-Carrot Cake!

Ah, carrot cake!  That classic concoction that is in truth a spice cake with slivers of carrots in it. If we tossed in slivers of beets would it be a beet cake? Or if we busted ups a cauliflower could we have a cauliflower cake?  Or maybe if you julienne some haricots verts we could have a very exotic sounding haricot vert cake!  But it's a carrot cake with the classic cream cheese frosting and it is good. This was a really big one. I wonder how long it took for it to be totally consumed. If history is any guide it went pretty quickly after cake hour was officially over!

Cake hour also saw the appearance of yellow peeps that had been conspicuously absent from the time the Easter bunny came. They settled in nicely to the hot chocolate although if not properly floated the peep melts and deforms pretty quickly!

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