Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Cake

I know I signed Grandma Miller up for cake hour today, and I do have mini chocolate and blueberry muffins from Grandma Miller, BUT I also have another treat for everyone after a weekend back in PA. Quite possibly a cake hour first. WEDDING CAKE!

As promised, today featured some of the remains of my sister's wedding cake from this weekend. A nice and light marbled cake with traditional icing, it filled that sugar/cake craving without weighing you down and spoiling dinner.

Of course the cake looked much nicer while it was still in one piece. Thanks Court and Orion!

Perhaps it was all the sugar in the icing or a particularly strong pot of coffee, but the conversation seamlessly flowed from one random topic to the next. We began by composing a list of the worst places to be proposed to (ranging from a NY subway train to the dump to brain cutting), discussed wedding budgets, Chinese wedding traditions, the facebook episode of South Park, how to fix the Pathobio program and finally how to design a grad school program in patho.

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