Monday, January 24, 2011

Another one returns and some of the stuff WAS from South Africa

When one of our colleague's heads home for the holidays we don't really expect much when they return. That's a lie!  We expect to get something from the destination from which they are returning when they return.  Is this unreasonable? Most people have willingly complied and we've gotten stuff from as far away as Australia.  I mean, you can always grab something at the airport, no? So we do expect some kind of treat. If one doesn't bring something back we used to have a saying. "Oh, who do you think you are Leonhard Mohr?"  This refers to a certain previous returnee's failure to bring back something from Freiburg, Germany despite being a regular attendee at cake hour. His excuse was that it was a short trip - 3 days - but is that an excuse, really? I mean, you can always grab something at the airport, no?
A selection
Love them Lindt balls
The favourite favourite
Not of South Africa
The ubiquitous Rocher

Today we had a good selection of stuff that was probably grabbed at an airport. One of our cacklers, after whom we have named the size of a slice of cake, returned from South Africa and brought this stuff in to cake hour. Given the familiarity with some of these sweets we were skeptical but the Quality Street bag did indicate it was packaged in South Africa. We seriously doubted that the Rolos were.  The Quality Street included a number of British Type choice chocolates and toffees although they were made by Nestle and the byline on the bag indicated it did originate outside the US where they do not recognize American English spelling rules. Hence the Quality street is the favourite favourite and not the favorite favorite. 

Spread 'em
Lots to choose from
"Choice" selection

Noah Webster would say favorite

Rolos are good. The Rochers seemed to taste better causing some to postulate that they may make them different than those intended for the US and the Lindt truffles more colloquially known as Lindt balls are always fab and they beg the questions "Do you dream in chocolate?"  That would be kind of messy!
Messy question?

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