Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolates of the World

Chocolates of the exciting!  Where, would you think, one could find a big jar with such a big offering. Chocolates of the World! More aptly it should have been called somewhat select chocolates of European countries that mostly are known for making chocolates. The exception was Canada!  Canada?  Who knew they even made chocolates in Canada.
Chocolates in a plastic jar.

Kirkland - Signature no less!

Spill them out...

The complete selection.

All courtesy of Costco.

And the big jar came from where all big jars usually come from...Costco...where nothing is small!  We figure that Kirkland was probably the packaging company that put this all together but it is interesting to wonder how they chose these particular pieces. Since none of them really were recognizable as commercial products ..i.e. Ferrero, Lindt etc. we figured these were probably second string companies or were packaged by Kirkland (with apologies to Brockmann's of Canada. Canada?  We tried to guess where each came from. Some were obvious - Bella Italia - for example. Others were misleading like Truffini being from Canada. Canada?

Piling up the wrappers as the treats disappear.
Seven types from six countries with two from Canada. Canada?

The piles get higher

The final tally after one day

We finally figured it all out and by color - the blue named Bombones was from Spain. The purple named Gudrun was from Belgium though with that name it could have been from Germany. The red was from Switzerland because it said so. Bella Italia was a dead giveaway but it still reminded us on the label that it was Italian chocolate. The two Truffinis, obviously came from Canada. Canada? Thus by elimination the Stellini had to be from Germany lest the label be wrong.  Since the name Stellini would sound somewhat exotic to a German we assume that's why they didn't call it something like Sternchens that being the German equivalent of Stellini. (See what we mean about sounding more exotic?)

Ready for day number 2...
As we plowed through them we started making piles and thus it became the task to figure out what was the most represented country in the jar.  We did not finish them the first day so it became a two day task.  Stay tuned for the final results.

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