Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yet another carrot cake...

We had another carrot cake. This one came from Whole Foods.  Peruse the blog and you will see that we have had our share of carrot cakes including vegan carrot muffins...which weren't half bad!  Today brought another entry from Bread and Circus bakery at Whole Foods. (There used to be a Bread and Circus chain in New England before it was bought up by Whole Foods. How nice they kept the name for the baked goods.)  The upside to this was that it looked very good and who can resist that wall of walnuts around the outside.  There were cute little tufts of frosting on the surface representing the top of the carrot still in the ground in place of the usual much too bright orange laying carrot decoration. It also had plenty of space for a message had this been for a birthday or other occasion. 

Lookin' good!

Wall o' walnuts!

Nicely frosted and ready had we had a message!

Top of the carrot decoration indicating the rest is in the cake...cute!

Two solid layers with lots of frosting.
The cake itself was pretty standard carrot cake though not as moist as some that we are used to. This one wins on looks. Our Brazilian intern who had not really had carrot cake before was pleased to try something new so from her frame of reference it was superb!

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