Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night.....

...shall stop cake hour. So what if it is the first blizzard of 2011?  Just because there is supposed to 15 inches of snow in Providence doesn't mean you stop everything.  Sure, just about every business in the downtown is closed but hospital personnel are essential! So here we were all 6 of us.  We got a few extra bodies later in the day as the roads became passable and those that really needed to get something done figured they no longer had and excuse.  Fortunately we happened to have a few things in reserve to satisfy our sweet teeth.  There were a few Lebkuchen left from before Christmas.  Lebkuchen and Stollen are both known for a similar thing - they keep a long time so these were still good.  It would have been the perfect day to be outside with a cup of Glühwein to go with it but you can't have everything. 
We can always come up with something!

Frango mints .. now exclusively at Macy's. Who knew!

A little bit of Christmas remaining....

We also were holding onto some Frango Dark Chocolate Mints.  These were originally  made by Frederick and Nelson's Department Store in Seattle which was bought by Marshall Fields in Chicago.  They were subsequently acquired buy Macy's who produces over a million pounds a year! (BTW if the Former Marshall Fields Department Store on State Street in Chicago, now presumably a Macy's, is one of the best department stores there is anywhere.) These were more like mint truffles and were nowhere near as minty offensive as something like a peppermint patty or that God-awful candy cane cake that someone once brought.  So for those of you who took the storm as an excuse not to research we just want to let you know that we were fine here and kept the cake time going despite the weather.  Neither you see in these pictures from the cake room..nor rain shall stop the appointed cake time!
What's a little blizzard anyway?

Not too many cars visible on that Interstate!

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