Monday, January 3, 2011

Colorectal Delights and the Brazilians are back

A stack of treats arrived compliments of the Colorectal Clinic and courtesy of Harry and David. Instead of a big box of fruit - which admittedly is usually pretty good - we got one of those stacks of things. In this case it ranged from hard candies to something called moose munch.  In between there were some cookies, some truffles and yogurt coated pretzels. The last item begs the question who ever asked to have their pretzels coated with yogurt...blech!!
Colorectal Surprise

Harry and David bring colorectal good wishes

The goodies inside 

Gateau d'Olive

Braided Breads make an appearance too

The girls from Brazil

Most of the stuff was pretty good and there was plenty to go around but wait.... leftovers appeared from a New Year's party. These were made by our French colleague and appeared to be some kind of loaf that included olives and ham. Expecting some exotic name we asked what to call it and the answer was olive cake..nothing fancy sounding like crème brulée or mousse au chocolat...olive cake!  It was not sweet but was indeed respectable but stop the presses as if this wasn't enough - the cake master shows up with two loaves of homemade rum raisin bread or something.  These were braided breads made fresh and were also quite good. (I didnt' really taste the rum in the raisins but who cares?) Given that the stack o' colorectal goodies was not particularly substantial the two additional contributions helped to whet our cake time appetites.

Moose Munch
It being the new year we welcomed two new participants to cake hour. These are two of a group of Brazilian medical students who come to RIH for a research rotation! We are happy to have them join us and will look forward to some Brazilian treats in the very near future.

We wondered how some news stories get prioritized on the local stations. For instance, Monday night, although the inaugurations of new governors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were imminent the lead story was about a couple of kids in some unheard of place in NH who crawled out a window and fell off the roof without getting seriously injured. How would a news executive find such a crappy story more newsworthy than a major political event?  It's time someone started live blogging the local news programs to get down in print how bad some of these stations are becoming.

Mini Waffle Cookies

Chocolate Truffles

The dreaded yogurt pretzels

Moose Munch

Hard candies and that's all she wrote!

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