Monday, July 19, 2010

At last ...cupcakes worth considering

It may be true that the reappearance of cupcakes as a trendy treat started with Sex and the City. It may also be true that cupcake shops are propping up the New York City economy according to this link:

But truth be told most of what we have seen are little cakes with an oversize dollop of some ridiculously sweet or lardy frosting on the top. Some of them look good but that glob on top can be hard to take. So there have been no great fans of cupcakes to be found here.  Until today, that is!  The fourth entry for student cake month may have changed a few minds or at least presented the world with an alternative to the aforementioned over-frosted versions. 

These were Nutella cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting topped with a fresh raspberry. They looked great and the presentation was impressive. Who knew they made cupcake carriers.  The two tiered carrier loaded with the mini- cakes was quite a sight.  Best of all they tasted great!  The chocolate ganache proves that you can do more with less and you didn't feel like your arteries were hardening as you ate them (though they probably were.)  These little babies got a great response and were awarded a five star rating - the first so far in the tradition of student cake month!  Kudos to Brighid who we found out likes to bake and has agreed to another slot at the end of the month. She may give Grandma Miller a run for her money!

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