Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're on a roll...

Pecan rolls to be exact!  Sticky buns, pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls...call them what you want but they are a classic and a homemade batch appeared today as our fifth entry for student cake month.  There is a slight qualification to the homemade label - we did learn that frozen dough was purchased and used so they were not made from scratch. According to the student cake month rating guidelines that prevents a five star rating but does not detract from the quality of the product or the earnestness of the effort. It's just the rules!

Our baker did a very good job. The more you enjoy sweet treats the more you learn that sweeter is not always better. Considering that you understand with pecan rolls that the dough which is barely sweetened counteracts the sugary cinammon pecan swirl that is the feature of these rolls.  The final result is a balanced confection that is just sweet enough.  These were also enjoyed by the gang and were given a four star rating, although it was felt they could have been baked a bit longer to get that golden brown hue you expect.

It's a good thing they were well received. Our baker was practically having an apoplexy over the whole experience. (The pressures of student cake month can be intense.) In the end she needn't have worried as her work was suitably appreciated and she got all the credit that was due.  We also admired the colorful plates that were used. It made the overhead picture almost seem like a work of art!

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