Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandma's got a fresh new look! She must stay away from the water cooler!

After yesterday's carrot cake gluttony that ended the student cake month competition things were partially of necessity a little low key today. No one signed up but fortunately the last resort vending machine had an ample selection of cookie's that could get people through their sugar fix.  For commercial cookies these are absolutely fine but maybe a little too soft for cookie aficionados.   We were thrilled to see the Grandma had a "Fresh New Look"!  Just check it out.

Today we talked about an interesting little contradiction happening in people's work lives here and elsewhere. Upon changing the water in our water cooler filled with big bottles from that place in Maine, we notices the plastic plate that the bottle top sat on was covered with a green slime.  Upon removal it was clear we had a nice crop of algae growing.  We wondered why no one had observed this earlier and thought this could be a major issue.  If you check out the following link, however, you see that indeed this was previously noted.....back in 1992!

So that nice fresh spring water we are consuming is in fact flavored with algae.  In Boston, in April, they put a "boil water" order in place for over two million people when a pipe ruptured and the back up system, though functional, possibly contained about 5% pond water from one of the older back up reservoirs.  At the same time though a large chunk of the affected population was going about their business at work drinking water contaminated with probably the same amount of goo.  I think I will go back to the water bubbler we have that uses appropriately treated muinicpal water. It seems the more you learn about bottled water and its issues the better regular tap water is looking.

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