Thursday, July 1, 2010

They're ba-a-a-ack!

The return of Tate's cookies with some Creme de Piroulline Artisan Rolled Wafers.  Is that a pretentious name or what?  What are "Artisan Rolled Wafers"? They are those rolled crispy wafers that are stuffed with chocolate or some other filling. Most of the time you find them in places like CVS or Walgreens' buy them and don't think much about them.  You eat them with ice cream or whatever.  They are usually good and these were no exception except perhaps a touch too sweet.  We tend to think of these things as nondescript but the can these came in was just chock full of self-promotional text and and other info.  The producer - Peter DeBeukelaer - maintains that these are the perfect way to "transport you to your destination and indulge in the swirl of life." How poetic!  In addition there is the Piroulline Promise, a factoid extolling that these are the only brand of rolled wafers actually made in the USA, (good to know for chauvinistic rolled wafer eaters) a suggestion as to how they can be enjoyed and then some twisted trivia to boot! Get it?  The twisted trivia question - which we have reason to believe is always the same - is "Which significant event in history occurred before the telephone, light bulb, subway, gas powered car and even the airplane was invented?"  You would think this would be an easy answer - oh the birth of Christ naturally - but no!  When you go to their website as you are instructed to do for the answer you learn that the significant event referenced is that "The DeBeukelaer family opened their first bakery in Antwerp, Belgium in 1860." Now how is that for further self promotion. 

The Creme de Piroulline was in addition to a revisit of Tate's Cookies.  We like Tate's!  This is a Long Island, New York bakery that does a great job. As mentioned before when we had them they are not the cakey kind of chocolate chip cookies that seem to prevail these days. These are smaller and crispier and more like the original Toll House Cookies. This time around we tried the Macademia Nut kind but they are all good..especially those with nuts!  No nut free zones at cake hour! If you are allergic stay away or bring that epi pen.

The memorable conversation dealt with dogs. Specifically how you can tell if they have defecated in the house by noticing their demeanor. . The dog owners all concurred that when presented with a dog with a sad and guilty face something is about to be discovered - like you couldn't tell from the smell - and that indeed the dog is remorseful and feels bad. There was also some speculation in a situation with two dogs as to whether one would cover for the other. Also the dog owners were also in agreement that it is better for the dog to have the accident on the floor not on the carpet but who cares and why are we discussing this at cake hour?!

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