Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to Basics

Friday's featured cake represented a back to basics.  The student picked this up at a local store and at first blush it looks like it's going to be another chocolaty delight, doesn't it?  Shaved chocolate decoration on the sides - or were they chocolate crunchies?  Strips of dark chocolate on the top and a nice white frosting for contrast with those chocolate cake layers. 

Well too bad that they were vanilla cake layers and only two to boot. Hence we are back to kind of a basic two tiered format cake with standard frosting that doubled for filling and the most basic of flavors.  All the creativity went onto the outside of this cake not sub-frosting. It was underwhelming from the taste standpoint but as always was a great sugar pick me up for the end of the day.  Three stars goes out to today's student cake month participant even though he was probably snookered by the outside of the cake that indicated something more than what turned up inside!

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