Friday, July 16, 2010

This is not an episode of the Golden Girls.

Nor is it "Student CHEESECAKE Month".  We just would like to clarify that.  We do like a nice cheesecake now and then but we are into variety. Today came the third student cake month contribution - cheesecake again - and was not a homemade effort. The cake came from Whole Foods and was actually decorated very well. It had the usual graham cracker base crust and was a normal vanilla version cheesecake. On top however were strawberries mixed with whipped cream florets in somewhat of a checkerboard fashion. It was rather pretty. Unfortunately due to a camera glitch the pictures all got deleted so we have nothing to show.  This received a 3 and a half star rating from those enjoying it.

It has been a pretty hot day and a special treat was included. A watermelon had been contributed and been in the refrigerator. It was served up nice and cold as an added treat and proved to be very refreshing given how hot it has been!

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