Friday, July 17, 2015

Another big one!!

Our latest entry for student cake month was a redo of last year.  Opting not to bake something, she instead chose to make a splash by buying a REALLY BIG cake.  One year ago it was gigantic chocolate cake - chocolate cake, chocolate filling and frosting and chocolate chips just about everywhere.  For her student cake month entry this year she returned to the same scene of the crime, as it were.  Off to Gregg's Bakery, never known for anything small, and back she came with another monster that appeared to be another massive chocolate concoction.
Once again I'm thinking big!

It's a little basic looking but nicely done.

Pretty smoothly coated!

But it wasn' was a massive chocolate covered concoction. This was Gregg's version of a vanilla/white cake with chocolate frosting. It was four layers of cake with thin alternating choco and white filling between the layers.   There was an appropriate amount of butter cream chocolate frosting smoothly slathered on the top and sides. There were shavings of white chocolate for decoration and a maraschino cherry smack dab in the cherry!
Could you spare the cherry?
Four layers tall!
It was not the most elegant cake we have ever seen but you can always be sure that anything from Gregg's will be fresh.  The cake is fittingly tasty and moist and the frosting plentiful but not overwhelming. We did not finish this in one setting so we have something to look forward to tomorrow.  Our cake student gets 3.5 starts for her much appreciated contribution.

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