Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quick Key Lime Pie

It's always nice to have someone around who can throw something together.  One of our cake hour attendees has a good and quick recipe for Key Lime Pie.  Since it is student cake month and she is only recently a graduate, she pitched in during student cake month and we got a pie!
Oh, I just throw it together, you see!
Just like the pros!

The little dollop of whipped cream is hardly enough!
An easy key lime pie recipe is, as you can infer, not complicated.  A graham cracker crust, condensed milk, lime, egg yolks a little baking, a little chilling and you are done!  There are also some that are just lime juice mixed with whipped cream but we prefer the former.  It tastes good, is relatively light and is an all around great summer treat.   If you ever feel like throwing one together we're always here to try it! It won't last long!
Doesn't take long for it to disappear!

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