Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Maybe they are chicken cookies?

We had a break from our July student cake today.  At first it appeared cake hour would be dry but then we got a treat brought back from a recent visit to China.  Our friend gave us a box of cookies unique in that there was no English translation of anything on the package. This left us to our imagination as to what we were getting.
Treat from China with no translation not necessarily intended for export!
Herb cookies or just creative license?
More packaging but what's insiide?

To a certain extent Chinese products emulate the Japanese in that there is sometimes more packaging than necessary. Upon opening the box we found that there were multiple smaller packages containing the goods. But that was all.  The cookies were not individually wrapped inside the packages as they could have been.  However, the first package we opened spilled forth some broken cookies. Maybe this is not the best packaging scheme after all!  Most of the remaining packets were fine and had a stack of three pieces.
The first one was little busted up!
The intended presentation!

Theses were a Chinese shortbread they tasted buttery and not too sweet.  There was even a hint of a salty taste.  They were good and we were happy to have them.  We got into a discussion about what they really were based upon what we saw on the box.  For instance, the cookies are shown on the box with some green leaves behind them. Does that mean they are made with herbs of is it just a garnish? Then we noticed the rooster on the box.  Was that a logo or maybe they are chicken cookies, we questioned.  Probably not but that would explain that slightly salty taste!
What is the reason for the salty taste and the rooster on the box?
As backup we also had some Quadratinis to finish off...for those who didn't want chicken cookies.
Old standby...Espresso flavor!!
And they are PURE GOODNESS!!

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