Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Euphoria to go!

Another student cake and this one was also commercially produced - no baking from scratch.  In case you don't know it the title of the post is what you find on the exterior of a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream cake - euphoria to go. That is what we had today for our student cake month treat.  You can't really argue with B&J.  Just about every ice cream test will show them to be the best. 
First Ben and Jerry's cake of 2015!
I didn't just bring an ice cream cake.....
........I brought Euphoria though I don't look euphoric!
Recently we had the opportunity to visit the factory in Waterbury, Vermont and took the tour.  We showed up and faced a 45 minute wait. Since they give tours until 8pm and we were in no hurry, we left and decided to return in the early evening.  At that time we walked right in to the next tour.  The tour was adequate. On the day of our tour, there was no production so the factory floor, which is only seen from a mezzanine viewing area, was quiet.  After seeing a short video of the history of the company, you are led to the mezzanine and they go through the step by step process with numbers for each of the steps located by the referred to piece of machinery.  The height of the tour is the free ice cream sample at the end which was a decent portion. After the sample you leave the tour via the gift shop. Outside there are a number of other dis-er attractions including and ice cream shop where you can pay for more, a place to tie-dye a shirt and an opportunity to be photographed as Ben and Jerry.
You too can be B&J!
The graveyard of discontinued flavors was fun even though we had not heard of many of them. On the whole it is kind of worth the trip but definitely go late to avoid the crowds. We had one over-active child on the tour. Can you imagine what it would be like with a lot!!

Two types of ice cream ans frozen whipped cream.
The cake itself today was what was to be expected.  The ice cream was good. Strawberry cheesecake or similar was on the bottom and cookies and cream was the top layer.  The frosting layer was whipped cream. We did not allow the cake any time outside the freezer which is something that should be done to defrost the whipped cream. Without softening the whipped cream tastes like frozen fat which is what it is, of course.   The little cookies on the top made to look like balloons were a hit. 
The cookies on top were especially appreciated.

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